The Lanski Tower

This is the third book of the Maxwell Lydic Series, in which the Lanski Tower is the centerpiece of Max’s new adventures. As Max settles into his new life as the owner of the Bed N Breakfast and completes the IT networks for the 9/11 ceremonies, he receives a phone call that changes everything. It turns out that a severe incident involving Nita has transpired, and Max must take action to protect his family. He immediately puts everything on hold and sets out to uncover the truth.

Unfortunately, this means he cannot complete the Lanski Tower or attend the 9/11 ceremonies. However, the team that Max assembled for the IT networks pulled together and met the project with total success. Years later, after the situation with Nita has been resolved, Max is encouraged by Emma and Tekky to finish what he started with the Lanski Tower. With their support, Max dives back into the project with renewed passion and determination to complete his father’s legacy.

Max faces new challenges along the way and discovers more secrets about the tower’s construction and the people involved. He realizes there are still those who will stop at nothing to prevent the building from being completed. With the help of his team, Max overcomes all obstacles and ultimately achieves his goal of completing the Lanski Tower. However, the mystery surrounding Nita’s incident remains unsolved, leaving Max to wonder if it was all related to the tower.
The series will continue with his fourth book, which will be out in the spring of 2024, as Max searches for answers to find his beloved partner a

“The Maxwell Lydic Series will continue with its fourth book, set to be released in the spring of 2024. In this installment, Max is on a new mission to find answers and locate Nita, who has gone missing after a serious incident. As Max sets out on his quest, he once again faces danger and uncertainty, but with the support of his trusted allies, he is determined to find the truth and bring Nita home.


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